High Uinta Ventures

High Uinta Ventures


Jack Of All Trades Master Of None


With over 60 years of extensive knowledge acquired through everyday living experiences and inherited generational teachings, the family owned and operated business local to the north slope of Utahs majestic High Uinta Mountains offers various services tailored to satisfy the needs of home owners, travellers, and outdoor enthusuiasts alike.  Having a front row seat to mother natures most unpredictable, ever changing, harsh seasonal environments provides many critical and potentially devastating consequential lessons that the team at High Uinta Ventures have defied and conquered and are here to offer you the keys needed for prospering in your own little slice of heaven!! Why settle for a Master Specialist that offers individual fields of service when you can call a Jack of All Trades and get everything you may need in one place with one phone call! High Uinta Ventures has an answer gauranteed! Just ask the JOATMON 

Trevor Harmon