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Riding around the base of BALD MOUNTAIN, UTAH
Riding around the base of BALD MOUNTAIN, UTAH

Recreational Vehicle Rentals

Living in the beautiful backcountry can be exquisite yet unpredictable, challenging, and can break even the toughest individuals if not adequately prepared.  To us, the term recreational vehicle is the equivalent to life support when talking necessity!! The grueling winter months can present such extreme variables that traveling can be dangerous if not equipped with the proper knowledge, gear, and means of travel.  We provide Snowmobile rentals for our local community to assist in accessing their mountain homes all winter long.  We also welcome the daring adventurers as well as the brazen traveller looking for the ultimate thrill thats action packed, easy on the wallet, but worth every priceless moment!!! Our professionals live to ride the majestic winter wonderland so you can rest easy when we say, we got your back! We highly recommend getting out this winter and visiting the JOATMON at High Uinta Ventures for an experience youll talk about forever and hopefully make it a regular event whenever your seeking wintertime adventures! 

One of many beautiful mountain homes we meticulously maintain.
One of many beautiful mountain homes we meticulously maintain.


This is where the inspiration to coin the term JOATMON as an eccentric, spot on, definitive nickname or label to advertise the moral perspective and vast array of experience-acquired knowledge to suit the needs of every homeowner no matter what or where the issue originates from, humbly began. We figure why hire a master of one skill or trade, when you can fulfill multitudes of requests with a Jack Of All Trades, Master of None.  Our Handy-Jacks will give it to you straight and cut out the BS to save you time, money, and alleviate the anxiety and stress that home repair or maintenance issues can inconveniently present.  If we can't take on the task confidently,  we gaurantee we'll get you in touch with someone who can, or at least give you a good sense of direction in order to obtain that which you require to knockout that extensive list of pesky home maintenance issues.  Even the obscure "Honey-Do" list is no match for the determined JOATMON!  So give us a call, find us on Facebook, or shoot us a message or email to resolve your problem ASAP!!

Onsite Mechanics Facility
Onsite Mechanics Facility

Full Service Mechanics Facility

Although we utilize the mechanics shop primarily for upkeep and maintenance on our rental fleets and company equipment, we still offer standard services to the public as well.  Need those rubber shoes changed from winter tracks to summer tires?  We can do that! Need a basic service or oil change? We can do that! Weird sounds that werent there before or rough startup after the seasonal storage?  We can definately diagnose that! We highly recommend that you stick to the manufacturers recommendations to preserve your warranty but if your in a bind, we'll get you out and back on the road best we can! Were the only shop 30 miles in either direction so its worth stopping for advice or a quick opinion!! 


In the event of an emergency such as persons trapped in an avalanche, riding accident resulting in injury, or a lost person scenario, we will aid in anyway necessary day or night as we have extensive knowledge of the landscape and are trained in many different emerncy response courses.  Weve saved many from what could have been their last! 

And the list goes on..

  • Tree Felling and Debris Removal
  • Snow Removal
  • Staining and Painting
  • Sealing, Chinking, and Caulking
  • Roofing
  • Minor Excavation
  • Buck Fencing
  • Local Trip Planning (hiking, skiing, snowshoing)
  • Consierge
  • Project/Task Management
  • Backcountry Excursionist ride-alongs

Just to give you an idea of what you can inquire about when seeking solutions to your needs!! Local to the MonViso, Manor/Uinta Lands, Pine Plateau Estates, Christmas Meadows Summer Home, North Slope of the High Uintas Wilderness area, providing local H.O.A.s top notch service, consultation, and assistance with just about anything you can imagine!  

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